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Reserve Supervisor Training Plan

Singapore Changi Technology is committed to building a learning organization focusing on knowledge innovation. We have cultivated a group of researchers possessing top-class core technology and professional managers with international perspective to push forward the development of Company. Our ultimate goal is to realize the organizational strategy of Company and sustainable development of all Singapore Changi Technology members. HR Department is devoted to promoting and organizing the construction of Singapore Changi Technology’s training system in accordance with the overall development strategy of Company and HR strategy. By means of providing training and development for employees with different background, we work hard to support the implementation of Singapore Changi Technology’s strategy, business development and human capital increment.

New Employee Orientation

We provide new employees with orientations. During orientations, we introduce the history, present situation and future of Singapore Changi Technology to newcomers and help them better understand company culture, regulations as well as their personal rights and obligations. Through this method, new recruits are accelerated to adapt to new environment.

Management Training

According to Singapore Changi Technology’s overall development strategy, we offer internal training courses to tap in-service supervisors’ management potentials. Promotion channels are designed for promising talents of becoming professional managers with international vision and courage to reform and Develop Company. In this way, team and organizational management performance are improved.

Technical Training

We boast an open and shared internal technical training in Singapore Changi Technology. We provide a useful platform on which our employees can learn the latest technologies of Semiconductor Industry and other related knowledge. In addition, internal training system has been established which is meaningful to Singapore Changi Technology’s knowledge and technology reservation.

Reserve Supervisor Training Plan

Singapore Changi Technology attaches great importance to its talent reservation and enhancement. In order to meet employees’ demands of career development and foster a high-quality management team, we’ve built up a perfect system to select and develop managerial talents.

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