BAT32G135 oximeter development kit


Update Date:2021-02-0514


The high-performance oximeter development kit with BAT32G135GE32FP as the main control is suitable for the development of finger clip oximeters. This kit provides an ideal evaluation environment for developers and supports the development of customers' blood oxygen measurement products. The main chip BAT32G135GE32FP has an ARM®32-bitCortex®-M0+ core, the main frequency is up to 64MHz, supports DMA and multipliers, and has a 12-bit 1.42Msps ADC.

Performance Characteristics:

>Accurate measurement of blood oxygen and heartbeat even under weak perfusion of >1%

>Using a male mold shell, which is convenient for the product to go on the market quickly

>DC-DC boost + double LDO step-down power supply topology, higher power efficiency, lower noise

>External 4-channel low-noise amplifier, better analog performance

>Analog switch controls LED light emission to improve reliability

>M0+ core MCU, higher processing power brings better performance

>IIC/SPI display interface, support OLED and TFT display

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